Our Mission

Welcome to Stratos, where the sky isn’t the limit—it’s our playground!


Our mission is simple yet bold: To revolutionize the world of general aviation, making it more connected, informative, and exhilarating for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. We’re not just an app; we’re a community, a tool, and a companion for your aerial adventures.


At Stratos, we believe every flight is more than a journey—it’s a story worth sharing and a learning opportunity. That’s why we’ve created a platform where you can track your flights, share your experiences, and connect with fellow aviators. Whether you’re debriefing with a journal entry, rating your performance, or browsing through the flight adventures of others, Stratos brings a new dimension to your flying experience.


But we don’t stop there. With Stratos, the entire world of aviation is at your fingertips. Discover airports worldwide, delve into their unique characteristics, and plan your next excursion based on the activities that excite you the most. And because every pilot’s voice matters, we’ve made it easy for you to leave your mark, sharing insights and tips about your favorite airports with a community that values your input.


In a world that’s constantly moving, we’re here to ensure that the joy of flying is shared, celebrated, and accessible. Stratos isn’t just about logging flights or finding airports; it’s about building connections, enhancing skills, and creating unforgettable experiences in the skies and beyond.


So, join us as we take off on this incredible journey. Together, let’s redefine what it means to be part of the aviation world. Welcome to Stratos – where every flight is an adventure waiting to be discovered!


Louis Bensard, Stratos Founder & CEO

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