Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs about Stratos

1. What is Stratos?
Stratos is mobile app designed to allow general aviation pilots to log their flights, explore new airports to fly to, assess their performance and connect with pilots locally and around the world.

2. Who can use Stratos?
The app is built for pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike. Airplane pilots, helicopter pilots, glider pilots, you name it! General Aviation and commercial pilots alike can use the app, along with non-pilot friends and family.

For now, in order to log flights your plane needs to have a working transponder on-board of your aircraft. A good rule of thumb: If you can find your flight on FlightAware, then Stratos will be able to find it too! In the future, we will expand to using GPS data from your iPad or iPhone to log your flights, even without a transponder.

Lastly, the app is available and usable in every country in the world!

3. Is Stratos available on both iOS and Android platforms?
For now, Stratos is only available on iPhone and iPad with iOS 17 or later. In the future, we will expand to Android as well!

4. How do I download and install Stratos?
The app is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad! Download it today and start exploring!

Features and Functionality

1. How do I log a flight in Stratos?
Go to ‘My Flights’, tap the ‘+’ button on the top right corner. You will now be prompted to enter your tail number and take off date and time. Provide a take off time 15-30min before your actual departure time to ensure our systems pull up the right flight.

Note that you will be able to add only flights that occurred in the past 10 days. In the future, we will allow Pro users to add historical flights going back up to 2011.

2. Can I share my flights with others?
After logging a flight, you will have the option of keeping this flight private, or share it with your network. If shared with your network, other users will be able to see where you have flown to, give props and add comments to your flight.

Note that the private debrief section will always remain private and no one else will be able to see it.

3. What kind of information can I get about airports in Stratos?
The Stratos airport database contains more than 60,000 airports worldwide. It includes airports, heliports, seaplane bases, for public or private use, hard and soft runways, towered and non-towered, with many more details to filter by!

You will also be able to filter airports by things to do nearby, such as restaurants, museums, parks and beaches!

4. How does the Flight Performance Assessment work?
When logging a flight, you will be able to effortlessly rate your own performance as a pilot. Things you did right, things to improve on, rate your skills and track the safety dimensions of the flight.

The performance of all your flights will be aggregated and displayed in the Analytics Dashboard in your Profile page. An honest self-assessment is crucial to get the most out of what the dashboard has to offer. The more flights you log, the more in-depth insights you will get!

Technical Support and Troubleshooting

1. What should I do if I encounter a problem or bug?
If you encounter a bug, please send a screenshot and/or description of the issue to

2. How can I recover my account if I forget my login details?
On the login page of the app, tap ‘Forgot password’ and follow the steps for password recovery.

Privacy and Security

1. What personal information does Stratos collect and how is it used?
Stratos only collects information necessary for the use of the app. We do not sell nor use any of the user data outside the app. Any user data collected by Stratos can be permanently deleted in the Privacy section of the app. Please review section 2. of our privacy policy for more details.

2. How is my data protected in Stratos?
At Stratos, we take privacy and security seriously and we are using state of the art data management to ensure your data is secure within our systems.

Community and Networking

1. How can I connect with other pilots or aviation enthusiasts on Stratos?
In the ‘Crew’ section of the app, you will be able to search for users by name and location. You will be able to find like minded pilots who live close to you and connect with them!

Follow or request to follow Stratos users, send a private message and from there, the sky is your playground!

2. Are there any community guidelines for using Stratos?
Stratos is committed to providing a positive and friendly platform for our users. Please review section 17 (‘Code of Conduct’) of our Terms of Use for more details.

Updates and Future Plans

1. How often is Stratos updated?
As our user base grows, Stratos will be updated on a monthly basis to include more and more exciting features.

2. Are there any new features planned for Stratos?
Enhancements to all parts of the app are already under way!

The Crew feature will become so much more, being able to connect with pilots more easily, have friendly competitions with other pilots.

The Analytics Dashboard will get more depth and breadth, to help you continue becoming a better and safer pilot.

The Map feature will continue to be enhanced with more details and up-to date information about airports. We will make it easier than ever to find new routes to fly and connect with pilots who went there before you!

The flight logging feature will allow for pilots of aircrafts without equipped transponders to log their flights using GPS data.

… and so much more, stay tuned!

Pricing and Subscriptions

1. Is Stratos free to use?
The app is free to download and to use. Pro features of the app will be unlocked for Stratos Pro Subscribers.

2. Are there any subscription plans, and what do they offer?
At Stratos, we offer two tailored subscription plans to suit the diverse needs of our users:

a. Basic Plan – Completely Free
-Ideal for Occasional Flyers and Enthusiasts: This plan is perfect for pilots who fly less frequently, as well as friends and family of pilots who want to stay connected with their aviation journey.

– Access to Core Features: Enjoy many of Stratos’s unique features without any cost. This includes basic flight logging, access to our global airport database, and the ability to connect with the Stratos community.
– User-Friendly Experience: Experience the essential elements of Stratos with an intuitive, easy-to-navigate interface.

b. Stratos Pro – $6.99 per Month (As low as $4.99 / month when purchasing an annual subscription)
– All-Inclusive Access: The Pro plan unlocks the full potential of Stratos, offering comprehensive tools and features for the dedicated aviator.
– Advanced Flight Analysis: Delve deeper into your flight performance with detailed analytics and personalized insights, helping you to grow and improve as a pilot.
– Exclusive Content and Features: Get exclusive access to Pro content, including advanced airport information, specialized flight logging options, and more.
– Enhanced Connectivity: Connect more effectively with a broader community of pilots and aviation enthusiasts, participate in Pro-only groups, and share your experiences with a larger audience.
– Priority Support: Receive top-tier customer support, ensuring your queries and issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.
– Regular Updates: Benefit from regular app updates that include new features, improvements, and optimizations exclusive to Stratos Pro subscribers.

Choose the plan that best suits your aviation journey. Whether you’re an occasional flyer or a dedicated aviator, Stratos has a subscription option designed for you. Dive into the world of aviation with the plan that matches your passion and frequency of flying. Join us, and let’s soar together! 

Feedback and Suggestions

1. How can I provide feedback or suggestions for Stratos?
At Stratos we love honest feedback and suggestions. We take all feedback seriously and you can be sure it will be carefully reviewed and incorporated into the development pipeline to make sure that you get the most value out of the app.

If you have any feedback, suggestion, report or concern, please email us at and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

2. Can I request new features for future updates?
Absolutely! Please email us at with the header ‘Feature Request’ and we’ll make sure to review and add it to our development pipeline if found suitable.

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